Strategic Pathways

David Smith


David Smith is a futurist, business executive, serial entrepreneur, and an expert in solving wicked problems. He has served as CEO and President of technology companies and as an executive of R&D organizations. He has experience in commercial, governmental and academic institutions. David was named one of the seven top global futurists in the Millennium issue of Businessweek feature, “What Technology Will Be Like in 100 Years”. For the CIA David was one of the principal designers of In-Q-Tel. He led extensive analysis to develop the framework for In-Q-Tel and help design its implementation plan. David is an active speaker on technology, futures, and innovation throughout the world. He is a University of Texas, Austin, IC2 fellow, elected Society for Design and Process Science Fellow, and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists. Awarded the Council of Consortia award for Extraordinary Contributions and Achievement in Technology Transfer.

Bill Kleinebecker

Technology Advisor

Bill Kleinebecker provides services in business and market development that identifies and quantifies potential markets for emerging technologies, analyzes a market’s readiness for a technology, and advises actions to be taken to prepare the technology for selected markets. He has provided these services for organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia and for organizations of all types, such as Global 1000s, governmental agencies, and startups. Bill is a veteran in sales, marketing, and advanced technology planning at IBM. He has co-led, organized, and conveyed the results strategic projects involving multiple stakeholders in such areas as technology road mapping and regional asset coordination. He advises Stage 1 entrepreneurs on technology capabilities and trends across a wide range of technology areas including IT, Communications, Manufacturing Technology, BioTech, and HealthTech..