Strategic Pathways

Future Perspectives

To start on the path to incorporate the future into strategic and tactical processes, an organization must be aware of the impact of future trends and future events in order to shift its focus from the present. Strategic Pathways has a range of proven methodologies to guide you to:
  • Realize the importance of the future
  • Jump-start a future-oriented strategic planning project or process
  • Generate fresh, innovative ideas for immediate exploitation
We provide Major Trends and Disruptors Studies, facilitate Grand Challenges workshops, conduct Group Ideation Sessions using advanced brainstorming methods, give talks on the world of the future, and hold classes and seminars on techniques and approaches to planning for technology impacts.

Opportunity Focusing

Organizations that realize that they must refocus their current assets—physical, financial, intellectual, and motivational—on the future need to take a disciplined approach. Our team has helped numerous organizations and regions:
  • Enter emerging opportunities earlier with less risk and greater profit
  • Set up processes to master technological change
  • Create a group to seek, evaluate, and choose among new opportunities
  • Apply crosscuts to increase opportunity, and reduce cost and risk
Strategic Pathways team provides services in forecasting, market assessments, terrain maps, regional opportunity analysis for economic development, industry focus sessions, disruptive technology tracking, and collaborative process training.

Innovation Management

Invention creates the spark, ingenuity fuels it but innovation is the fire. An organization does not manage just technology anymore, it harnesses innovation through its labs, developers, marketers, customers, partners, and business team. Strategic Pathways  team helps organizations:
  • Maintain or restore competitiveness through innovation
  • Expand capability to profit from exploiting technology
  • Establish a base of process, knowledge, and culture to be more innovative and future-focused
  • Attain better results through collaboration within the organization and with partners
We steer you towards these objectives by providing technology assessments, technology transfer process evaluations, roadmap facilitation, business incubator assessments, future studies organizational processes, and technology management education. .

Actionable Strategies

All of our services build up to the creation of a strategy that designed for implementation and success. Picking an actionable strategy is the first step, followed by using innovative ways to implement the strategy, tracking the inputs and outputs of the strategy based on the view of the future created in the earlier stages, and adapting to changes. Our team works with you to:
  • Create an actionable strategy with profitability and risk mitigation
  • Find a faster return on the investment in the strategy
  • Coordinate the strategy’s elements throughout the organization and with partners
  • Make you more resilient to change
Strategic Pathways  offers extraordinary services in strategy maps, strategic foresight, stakeholder analysis, impact analysis, scenario planning, weak signal analysis (wildcards), red teaming, business simulation games, trends and drivers identification (force field analysis), and risk management assessment.

Success in each of these areas makes the future yours. Whether you are just beginning to appreciate the impact the future will have on you or you already have actionable strategies in place, Strategic Pathways can provide the insights to make you more profitable and future-proof.

A number of different types of organizations turn to Strategic Pathways for guidance on the right Strategic Framework to harness the future. State and federal government agencies, large, medium, small, and startup companies, educational institutions, and industry associations internationally, at all levels of technological sophistication, benefit from the methodologies, tools, and techniques our team shares with its clients. Call on our world-renowned futurists to challenge your staff and create well-planned strategies.